Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Typical Day
March 25, 2010

Many people have asked me what is your typical day like? I think that yesterday was a good example:

  1. Drive to my bank in Farmgate
  2. When I get there they tell me I have gone to the wrong branch, so I drive down to Motijheel
  3. My motorcycle runs out of gas on the way
  4. I walk my motorcycle to the gas station and refuel
  5. I arrive at the Bank and they tell me I have to go home and get more paperwork
  6. I go to an investor meeting at the Sonargaon Hotel
  7. I go to Dhanmondi to visit my architect and discuss the resort master plan
  8. I drive back to Gulshan, run home, shower, and change
  9. I go to tango practice
  10. I go to a party at the U.S. Ambassador's house
  11. I drive to the airport to pick up my interns
  12. I take my interns out to dinner and tell them they will have a crazy summer!