Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home Again!
February 5, 2007

Last night I was awakened in the middle of the night by rain. It was a regular thunderstorm and was such an unusual occurrence for me that I was momentarily disoriented and had to remind myself that yes, I was home from India and was in fact in my bed in Dhaka. Since I have been here, I think that this is only the second rainfall that I have seen. (I guess the “dry season” is aptly named.)

Waking up was glorious because three months of clay brown dust was washed off of all of trees and the coconut palms greeted me fresh and green this morning. As I walked to the American Club for breakfast (I was craving French toast and Hamida does not expect me back until tomorrow) the air was scented with jasmine. A week in dirty, decrepit Kolkata made the contrast even greater.

The weather is getting warmer again. (I have abandoned my hot water bottle and long underwear.) I am sure that in a few months when it is hot and steamy here I will look back fondly on the cold weather, but for the moment, I am enjoying a glorious morning!


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