Sunday, February 25, 2007

I Am Back Online!
February 24, 2007

So sorry for the long lag in blogs! I was without internet access for several weeks. I was barely able to check e-mail during this "dark period" and was not able to speak to my family at all. The good news is that I am now back online! The bad news, however, is that my camera has now totally broken. One day it worked fine, the next day it would not read my memory cards... Consequently, I am not able to post the pictures of Kolkata that I took and I am afraid that new pictures from Dhaka will not be forthcoming. I am NEVER buying another Sony product!! I have had terrible luck with this camera and it is only two years old. So if any of you have an old digital camera lying around, please feel free to send it to Dhaka! :)


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