Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yesterday when I checked into the new riad (because they were so full, they had to move me from one riad to another), I found out that I had not been staying at Riad Zahora like I thought (apparently there was a plumbing problem with my room). I was actually at Dar Zahia, which I suspect is a much nicer riad. Here is a link to it: (I was in the Chambre Saida.) The new riad, Riad Magellan is also very nice, but not quite as fancy...

Last night I went to this great Moroccan restaurant in a riad called La Maison Dar Saada ( The tagine was delicieuse et l'ambience, superieur... I originally wanted to go to this restaurant called Marakechi off of the Place Jemaa Al Fna (the Moroccan gentleman I sat next to on the plane here recommended it) but they were occupée tout la nuit... So, in traditional Moroccan fashion, there was a "guide" at the door ready to escort me to this other restaurant. Of course the new restaurant was twice as expensive, but it was no more than I would pay for dinner in New York, so I decided to stay. The interior was all white with intricate plaster carvings all around the room. The only problem was that I had to walk back to my riad by myself. By now I know the way, but being in the small passageways at night by myself was a bit scary, so I made a dinner reservation at Marrakechi for much earlier tonight...

Below is the photo of the day: typical street in Marrakech...

(photo of Moroccan street removed)


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