Friday, May 11, 2007

Savar Survey
May 4, 2007

Today I went to Savar to complete the final data collection for my survey. As before, my group was greeted with a lot of attention. When one of the men who was circling us started answering my garment worker's questions for her, I pulled him and the others standing around off to the side to distract them with photos. Most people really love having their photo taken and then seeing it back on the screen of my digital camera - especially the kids! I would try to take a photo of a garment worker cooking in the distance and then kids would run in that direction to try to be in the photo. It was quite funny.

This time there was a guy in the group who knew how to use a camera, so he took several shots of me with the kids. At one point he was snapping several photos while I was seated in a chair and then mothers started bringing their babies over and putting them in my lap so that they could have their picture taken with me. I felt like Santa Claus!

Here are some of the photos...

Bangladeshi "Van"
These are my four research assistants in a "van." It was quite cozy, especially when I got in too!

Surveying the Garment Workers
My research assistant Shipa outside of one of the garment worker's homes.

Garment Worker
This woman was standing on the front veranda of her house. In this building there were several rooms, each a separate house, that were connected by this covered veranda out front.

Garment Worker Cooking
Most of the kitchens are outside. Some are under covered sheds, but this one is out in the open. She cooks over an open clay burner. Underneath the burner she burns wood or garbage for fuel.

Me with the Garment Workers and Their Children
Some of the kids brought over a goat for me to pet. In the background you can see their houses.


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