Monday, January 07, 2008

Disappointment in Jessore
November 16, 2007

After my sister got safely back to the U.S., I decided to return to Jessore with my attorney to purchase the land I found. We met up with the Nazrul, the guy who originally showed us the land. He took us to the marketplace to meet the owner. (Who was actually not a relation of his at all!)

The owner was a very stern-looking older man. Monjurul (my attorney) and I went to talk to him and he told us that he had no intention of selling the land. He said it was his family's ancestral land and he would never sell it.

I was really disappointed. We had definitely been misled by Nazrul. While in town Monjurul and I looked at a few other properties, but nothing even came close to the property that I had originally seen. We returned to Dhaka and decided to come back a few weeks later to resume the property search again...


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