Friday, June 02, 2006

Because I went to bed at 7pm the night before, I woke up at sunrise and started the drive. The scenery in the morning light was just gorgeous! The first day was ugly, the second day was gorgeous! The rain from the previous day made everything fresh and the air was crisp. Dry riverbeds were filled and the landscape became greener and greener the futher north I got. Purple, red, and yellow flowers lined the roads and highlighted the mosques and mudbrick buildings that dotted the countryside.

Since I was making good time, I stopped by Ifrane in the late morning and saw the Casçades des Vierges ("casçades" are waterfalls). Ifrane is a beautiful little town (it was also the place with the monkeys) that looks much more European than Moroccan; the buildings look like chalets and because it is located in the cedar forest, it is much greener than the rest of dry Morocco...


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