Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trip: Thailand
Date: September 20, 2006
Place: Sukhothai

Last night there was a military coup in Thailand! Don't worry, I am safe! I am still in Sukhothai, which is a small, historical town with no military signifcance. I am still going to drive to Si Satchanalai today as I had originally planned, as it is also a small, historical town with no military. I was planning on heading to Nong Kai (on the Laos border) tomorrow and then crossing into Laos the day after that anyway. Depending on what happens with the military situation here, I may or may not be coming back to Thailand for my last week on the beach. I may either head straight to Bangladesh or add on a week in Vietnam. I am currently looking options for flying to Dhaka that do not involve going back through Bangkok. Thankfully I haven't purchased my ticket to Dhaka yet...

I can't believe there are tanks on the streets of Bangkok! I was just there last week!!

It is funny, the military has cut off all television, even satellite TV here. They keep playing this funny recording about the king and how wonderful he is with little birds and songs. The guest house that I am staying at has a very expensive satellite system, so thankfully I can still get the internet. I don't know if the military has been able to cut of the internet elsewhere.

I will keep you posted and will send an e-mail as soon as I am in Laos...


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