Monday, February 26, 2007

I Have Unexpected Visitors
February 26, 2007

This evening as I was scrubbing my light sockets (yes Mom, I took safety precautions...) to turn them from a hideous aging yellow back to white, my doorbell rang. When I opened the door, Hamida, her mother, her aunt, and her two youngest sons were at the door. She said that she wanted to show them my house (which I guess is like me showing my Mom my office), so I let them in. She explained to me that because they lived in a gram (village), they had never seen things like a refrigerator before. She gave them a complete tour of my apartment. My refrigerator, water heater, and shower were apparently the highlights. My gas stove, however, was also very exciting for them. I was trying really hard not to laugh out loud. Not because they had never seen these things before, but because it seemed so funny to me that my boua was giving her family a tour of my apartment!

I gave the boys some pencils with lollipops on the top. I also gave them some hats that Heather sent from Disney World. I wanted to give them the hats the other day, but unfortunately, only two of the hats were for boys and Hamida has three sons. I found another baseball hat that I got from a convention though and gave it to Hamida to take home to her oldest son. The two little boys LOVED the Mickey Mouse hats and they looked just adorable in them! (I now need to find some girls to give the princess hats away to…)

I was planning on making chocolate chip cookies tonight, so I will give some to Hamida to take home to her kids tomorrow. She is sad because on Saturday her sons will go back to the village and she will not see them again for quite awhile…


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