Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pink Chamelion
June 16, 2007

Yesterday I had a bunch of my girlfriends over for brunch. There were crepes, great stories, mimosas, and a bit of silliness.

In my pink room I have several pieces of fabric draped from my ceiling for a tent-like effect. After making the drapes I had a bit of fabric leftover, so I had it sewn into a kurta (shirt) and dupata (scarf worn with a kurta). I was wearing the shirt yesterday when my friends came over. After a few mimosas we decided to see if I could blend into my own wall like a chameleon. As it turns out, I do have chameleon super powers...

(Photos taken by Tuni Chatterji.)

My Pink Room

Pink Chameleon
Me blending into my pink room.

The more mimosas we drank, the more I seemed to blend with our surroundings.

Me exercising my super-human chameleon powers.


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