Friday, August 01, 2008

Back from the U.S.
July 26, 2008

I just got back from my month long trip to the U.S. I met up with friends in New York City, my sister in Orlando, my father, aunts, uncles, and grandmother in Iowa City, and my mother in San Francisco. I was expecting to have a lot more culture shock upon returning to New York. Instead, however, I was shocked by how unshocked I was! When I arrived in New York I felt as if I had never left. Like I had been away on a two week vacation instead of a two year journey.

I did have a bit of a culture shock moment in London on the way over, however. I arrived in the airport and everything was so neat and clean and there were high end stores like Gucci and Prada everywhere. Then I saw people pouring beer from a tap and drinking wine right out in the open! Women were showing their arms, legs, and (gasp!) cleavage! Totally shocking.

My prudish mentality continued to the airport in New York where I saw a woman and her boyfriend while I was waiting for the train. The woman was wearing a shirt dress (which was very tiny). She looked quite naked to me and I kept mentally trying to put pants on the poor girl. Who stole her pants? Doesn't she feel very uncomfortable looking this way in public? Then she started making out with her boyfriend on the platform right in front of everyone. Since public displays of affection are strictly verboten in Bangladesh, this was also quite a shock! I started to chuckle to myself as the reality of being back in the U.S. sunk in.

Not much has changed in New York except that there are several new buildings and you can pay for your cabs by credit card now. (Which is good since the cab fares have doubled since I have been away!)

It was also great to see my family. All in all it was a lovely vacation...


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