Thursday, March 08, 2007

Biplob and Ershad Admire My Pink Palace
March 8, 2007

Biplob and Ershad, two very nice guys who work in my building, helped me carry some (rather heavy) items up to my apartment today. As a reward, I gave them some of the Nestle Toll House cookies that I had baked a few days before. We sat down in my drawing room and they admired my bright pink walls and my bright orange sofas. Ershad told me that he has been in everyone’s house and that he doesn’t like any of them except for mine. I chuckled. The bright colors must be a very Bangladeshi thing because Biplob has also told me on numerous occasions that he loves my bright blue bedroom too!

While they were there, Ershad helped me put up the last of my hooks (which I was having difficulty with) in my drawing room. The hooks are to hold the bright magenta, patterned fabric that I am hanging from the ceiling in order to shrink the room a bit and make it cozier. The room now looks like a big, pink tent. I like it though! It is definitely a unique room! My friend Abeer asked me if she could bring her computer over here to work. She is a writer. Perhaps she finds the pink inspiring…


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