Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beer and Strudel
September 2, 2008

I stepped off of the train in Munich and was greeted by my friend Mariella who took me to her home in the suburbs of Munich. Her family home is lovely; built in traditional German style with three floors and a high gabled roof. She served me beer and barbeque on her back porch. We relaxed there for a couple of days before heading on to Salzburg.

We met up with my friend Anna there and I finally got to meet her husband Stephan. They took us out to a great Austrian restaurant for dinner. The food was delicous! I simply love Salzburg! It is such a charming city!

Mariella serving me beer on her back porch.

Mariella's House
It is so German!

This is the main cathedral in town.

Inside the Cathedral
The inside of the cathedral is covered with these beautiful paintings.

Mirabel Gardens
These are public gardens outside of the palace. The last time that I was here it was winter, so it was nice to see everything in bloom this time around!

St. Peter's Church
This is the inside of St. Peter's church. It has beautiful baroque decoration.

St. Peter's Cemetery
The graves here are so ornate and covered with flowers.

Well-Tended Graves
This is one of the most beautiful places in Salzburg.

City of Salt
"Salz" means "salt" in German (as I learned while making a cake with Mariella in Germany where I almost put the "salz" in the cake instead of the "zucre"!) and "burg" means town, so "Salzburg" is the "city of salt". And this is the fortress on top of the salt min! I even think that it looks a little like salt at night...

My Old Pension!
As I was walking around I happened to run into the hotel that I stayed in the last time I was in Salzburg!

Charming Streets
I think Salzburg is so beautiful and charming!

Anna and Stephan
My friend Anna and her husband Stephan.

Austrian Breakfast
This is the Austrian breakfast that Anna made for me. Mmmm... My mouth is watering just looking at the photo!


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