Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photographic Boat Tour on the Padma River
November 9, 2008

I just got back from a two day boat tour that my roommate, Mikey, organized. He also taught a photography class while we were on board. I was eager to sign up because: a) I would like to improve my photography and b) I was eager to finally see the wooden Contic boat that I have heard so much about.

The boat was very nice. It had six cabins that held two people each. Mikey and Osama (from Contic) slept on the deck and the crew slept in the back by the kitchen. The food was very good and it was lovely to be out on the river, watching the scenery go by.

My only complaint was that I would have chosen some more picturesque villages to stop at. The first site wasn't bad - we saw some boats being fixed which was quite interesting - but the second site was a manure farm by a brick factory. I think that a river boat ride on the river near Panigram would be much more beautiful! :)

Contic Boat
This is the boat with its sails unfurled. Contic is trying to revive the ancient wooden boat making techniques. This boat design is thousands of years old. Boats like this are still around, but now they are powered by engines instead of sails. The sails on this boat can't be tacked, so it can only go one direction - the direction the wind is blowing! In olden days the boats would be filled with cargo and sailed to their destination and then pulled back by men and cows! These sails are mostly for display. We used the motor most of the time we were on the water...

Boat Deck
The roof of the boat is made of bamboo. We went up here to take photos and enjoy the breeze.

This is the guy steering the boat. I really like the carved elephant rudder.

Mending a Boat
At the first village that we stopped at, men were mending a boat. They were putting a new bottom on it. Even the locals stopped to observe the work.

Boy Carrying Pack
I took a few photos of the kids on the beach.

Girl on Beach
This is my favorite photo. This girl was really charming, and I love how you can see the boats in the background.

Photographing the Photographer
The villagers were just as eager to take our photos as we were to take theirs.

Fishing at Sunrise
The next morning we got up early to take photos of the sunrise. These fishermen were up early to take advantage of the morning light.

This is my favorite sunrise shot.

Village by the River
I love this picture because it really captures Bangladeshi village life - the house by the water, the wooden boats, the banana trees, and the villagers in brightly colored clothing curiously watching the foreigners sail by... I just wish the photo were more in focus!!

Manure Village
The second village that we stopped at was a manure farm. Most rural Bangladeshis use manure as their primary fuel source. It is better than cutting down the trees, but I could have selected a more picturesque location than a manure farm by a brick factory. Still, as this photo shows, beauty can be found anywhere!


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Greaat Photography!!
Y dont u use Picassa Album- slide show?? So that we can have more pic..:)


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