Monday, November 03, 2008

October 2, 2008

After spending the entire night in the bus station in Munich, I went to back to Mariella's house to rest for a day before heading back to Dhaka. Because Oktoberfest happened to be going on while I was there, Mariella's mom invited me to come see it with her.

I will admit that I had always been curious about Oktoberfest, and much of it lived up to my expectations. There were many beer halls in large, very elaborate tents. Vendors sold the largest beers and pretzels that I have ever seen! Girls in dirndl and men in leder hosen danced merrily on top of the tables to the folk music the live band was performing.

The part about Oktoberfest that I did not expect was that it is also a giant carnival. There are rides, games, and concession vendors selling gingerbread and candy.

Beer Tent
The tents were so elaborate it was hard to believe that they were just temporary structures. It was quite difficult to find a seat!!

Dancing on Tables
Men and women dancing in a drunken frenzy on the tables.

This was probably the largest carnival that I have been to! There were tons of rides! This photo was taken from the ferris wheel.

Ferris Wheel
Aforementioned ferris wheel...

Candy Vendor
Mmmm... Candy... My brother-in-law would be in heaven! The honey roasted nuts were my favorite!

For more photos you can visit my Oktoberfest 2008 Flickr page: Oktoberfest Photos


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