Monday, November 03, 2008

I Vote for Obama!
October 7, 2008

The American Embassy in Bangladesh has done a very good job helping U.S. citizens here figure out how to vote. They had a few information sessions where we could apply for our absentee ballots and then a couple of voting nights at the American Club where we can turn in our absentee ballots, ask questions, and watch the debates on T.V.

It was actually quite exciting to vote! Even though we vote earlier than everyone else and thus can't rush home to see how our vote influenced the latest results, the American Club still had that air of excitement that comes with an election.

I am so happy to be an American at this amazing landmark point in our history. I downloaded the debates and nomination speeches from the internet and have been following the election news daily.

Happily, the American Club will be showing the results live on TV the morning of November 5th (that is the evening in the U.S.) I expect that the election will be close enough that they won't call it until I wake up! I can't wait!! I haven't been this excited to participate in an election since I was eligible to vote!


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